Sanibel Causeway

One of the most unique features of Florida and the coastal south is our causeways that run over ocean and bay waters. From the miles long journey out to the Keys, to short little bridges with fantastic views, the roads of these coastlines always have sights to be discovered at every turn. Whether it’s a road to somewhere you need to go, or just a scenic journey to soak up the environment, it’s always a special trip over a local causeway. In Sanibel Island and the surrounding area, the Sanibel Causeway is the gateway to Sanibel Island, and takes visitors from Punta Rassa across the San Carlos Bay. With a public park on the causeway, fantastic views, and the ultimate destination of Sanibel Island, it’s a great idea to check out this local Florida scenic drive!

Sanibel Causeway Islands Park

Around a little over halfway through the causeway, you’ll come across the Causeway Islands Park, which is built onto two smaller islands and even offers beach access! On the second island, you’ll find convenient facilities such as public restrooms, and parking for the beach on both of them—though spots tend to fill up fast at this tiny local attraction!

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Activities at Causeway Islands Park

It’s a great place to pack along a picnic lunch, that can be enjoyed at one of the picnic tables on the second island—it can also be an unbeatable spot to take in the sunset. You’ll find that despite being small, the islands offer plenty of shade from palms and other trees, and pristine slices of beachfront. You’ll even find the islands have fishing opportunities. It’s a fun way to get a slice of the island life and be surrounded by panoramic water views! This spot has also long been popular amongst windsurfers, and if you own a kayak, it can be a great launch point for exploring the bay. Post up with a chair halfway in the shallow shore waters and enjoy a unique view of the surrounding scenery.

Plan Your Florida Scenic Drive with Tropical Escape

We offer several local properties that will put you within a close distance to attractions such as Causeway Islands Park, and other points of interest in the Sanibel Island area, from renowned local dining to blissfully beautiful beaches. Our expert reservations staff can assist you in picking the perfect property, and we’re waiting to take your call today!

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